Booking Machine

This mobile-friendly website is a booking machine for Ross Hagemeister, a fishing guide with a lifetime of experience and the photos to prove it.  Told the right way, sometimes your story is all you need.

I met Boone for the 1st time last March.  I simply liked his ad on the internet, checked out a few of his samples/sites that he built, and gave him a call.  He was easy to talk to and made things easy for me to understand (I’m not a tech person).  After a nice meeting, we hired Boone to build a new site for my business.  It’s been perfect!  I’ve seen everything from the new site that I wanted and needed from a web page.  He has helped me reach new customers that I would have otherwise not connected with.  Boone’s professionalism, enthusiasm, flexibility, and dedication to the success of my business marketing plan have been spot on!

Ross Hagermeister

Meister Guide Service


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