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Meister Guide Service

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Outdoor Guide

Project Summary

When Ross Hagemeister started as a fishing guide, finding clients involved hanging a flyer at the local bait shop. That worked for a long time but eventually calls started to dwindle, so I set him up with a modern website, social media presence and Google Business profile using little more than his story and some cell phone pics. His catch rate has never been better.

"I met Boone for the first time last March. He was easy to talk to and made things easy for me to understand (I'm not a tech person). After a nice meeting, we hired Boone to build a new site for my business. It's been perfect! I've seen everything from the new site that I wanted and needed. He has helped me reach new customers that I would have otherwise not connected with. Boone's professionalism, enthusiasm, flexibility, and dedication to my business has been spot on."

- Ross Hagemeister, Owner

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