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3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Marketing

Here are three quick and easy steps anyone can do to improve their company's marketing.

  1. Create or update your company's Google My Business profile. If nothing else, update your business description, hours, contact info, product/service info and photos. If your business has a menu or list of services, add that too. For established business that already have a solid GMB presence, consider adding new content such as photos or a new product or service. Google loves updates.

  2. Adopt consistent logo & branding guidelines. This often consists of a brand book or style guide containing your logo(s), colors, fonts, graphics and imagery, plus guidelines for how your brand is presented across various media channels. Implementing these basic brand guidelines promotes consistency which in turn helps with brand recognition and credibility.

  3. Use professional looking, high quality photos of your space, people, products, services, finished work and so on. Given our media-hungry society, I think high quality photos and content provides a solid return-on-investment for almost every business these days. If you don't know how to create good photos yourself, there are a million tutorial videos online. Or hire a photographer that specializes in your genre real estate, staff portraits, product photography, etc.

About the Author

Boone Caughey is the owner of Turn 2 Creative, an ad agency based in Perham, MN that's on a mission to promote good people doing good things. Boone has won no industry awards and thinks it's hilarious that anyone would spend time and money doing so! In his other life, Boone manages a small family campground called Paul Lake Resort.

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