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How To Modernize Your Website

It's 2022 and high time your business had a strong online presence. Here are four easy ways to make your website look and function like it belongs in the 21st century.

1. Work on All Devices

Having a good website isn't enough. It needs to look good and function well on all devices from desktops to laptops, phones, tablets, and even watches. Some industries will soon be adding VR to the mix. According to the latest stats from Broadband Search 56% of internet traffic comes from mobile devices. I have customers where the number is nearly 70%. In other words, your traffic could be coming from a huge range of screen sizes, etc. and your site needs to look good and function well on all of them, otherwise you're losing out.

2. Be Easy to Find

How do you find a new website? Well, if you're like 92% of internet users: Google. Your website has to be Google friendly. This is accomplished with useful & relevant content, SEO and much more. It also takes time and Google isn't going away, so start now if you haven't already.

3. Ditch the Stock Photos

When it comes to websites, custom imagery matters because it captures the attention of the visitor and conveys a lot of information about your site in a short time. Stock images, on the other hand, convey very little information about your business, and modern visitors know how to spot stock imagery. For marketing purposes, low quality cell-phone pics of your own are preferable to "high quality" stock photos in most cases. That's just my opinion but I think it's valid based on the websites I manage and track.

4. Track Your Stats & Progress

Running a website without tracking is like driving a car without a gauges: possible, but ill advised! Google Analytics is powerful and free. If you don't already have it on your DIY website, get it. If your website provider doesn't already have it on your website, you're getting ripped off!

About The Author

Boone Caughey is the founder of Turn 2 Creative, a Lakes Area ad agency and web design shop. Basically, it's an on-demand marketing department for small businesses.

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