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What Makes an Ad Great?

This Dollar Shave Club (DSC) commercial is one of my all-time favorites. It's been off the air for many years but I still remember it well. Why is that? I've seen a million ads since then. Why do I remember this one? A few theories:

  1. It is hilarious. Maybe it's not for everyone but I think this ad is stupidly funny and most of DSC's target market would probably agree. That's great content.

  2. It resonates. Yes, I absolutely was tired of getting beat up by high razor prices which were ridiculous, maybe even higher on average than they are today. This ad called out an entire industry and positioned DSC as the solution. That's a great hook.

  3. It was on-brand. By the time this spot aired, DSC was known for this slapstick style and aesthetic, which compounds the return on ad spend. That's great branding.

Ironically, DSC today has become an overpriced line of shaving products just like the competitors it once roasted. Maybe their ads were too good.

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