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Today, your company's first impression is often made by your website.  If it doesn't look good and function as expected, your audience is disappointed - not a good start!  There is so much traffic online now, quality web design pays for itself many times over.  All of the websites I design are:


  • Modern and mobile friendly.  People often call my sites modern and really functional.  I think a good website is like an informative, entertaining robot working 24/7 to make your business or organization run smoothly.

  • Affordable.  On average, my clients save a boatload.  Most projects are in the $1-5k range.

  • Easy updates and maintenance.  No custom coding, no complex databases, and I'll teach you to maintain it yourself if you want to.  I strive to make the process easy from start to finish.


If this sounds appealing, contact me for a free proposal and quote.  It's quick and very no-pressure!

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Web Design FAQs

How much does it cost?

It depends on what you want but most projects are in the $1-5k range. Every project is unique and I'm happy to provide a free estimate once I know a few details about your project.

How long does it take?

Most sites can be ready in 1-4 weeks depending on complexity and how quickly we can gather the content for your site: photos, graphics, copy, etc.

Who maintains my website?

Usually I take care of everthing - construction, hosting, maintenance, updates - but some clients do this themselves. It's not rocket science. I'm happy to walk through the options with you and quote it both ways.

Will my website be mobile friendly?

Yes, definitely. Your new site will have both desktop and mobile versions - it's the same content with a different layout optimized for that device. This is crucial. Across all sites I manage, well over 60% of web traffic now comes from mobile devices. I design with mobile-first in mind.

How do we handle payment?

I usually request 50% upfront with the final 50% due upon completion. I use a simple contract written in plain English that explains the rights and responsibilities of both parties. Every project is unique and I'm flexible.

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What's the process...how does this work?

Typically we start with a short call to discuss your needs and goals. Then I send a proposal, quote, and basic contract for your review. Once accepted, I'll get to work. I usually request 50% down and 50% due on completion, and most projects take 1-4 weeks from beginning to end. Along the way, we'll be in frequent contact to make sure the site I'm building is exactly what you need. I take customer service very seriously!

I believe in customer service.